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Our Firm Takes on Challenging Cases in the Areas of Labor & Employment Law, ERISA Litigation & Labor & Employment Law Representation

We fight hard to prevail in your legal matter

Pitre & Associates, LLC protects the Civil Rights of federal employees throughout the world. We are a tenacious law firm committed to client success in Labor & Employment Law, ERISA Litigation and Labor & Employment Law Representation cases. Based in Washington, we are known as fierce litigators in the courts throughout all of District of Columbia. Our attorneys have the necessary persistence to help you prevail in your legal conflict. We have 30 years of combined experience and we are determined to win. Read our profiles to learn more about our qualifications.

Our attorneys take an aggressive approach in multiple areas of the law

Pitre & Associates, LLC knows how to interpret District of Columbia law to your best advantage. Our lawyers are passionate about their work and fearlessly strive for the results you require in a variety of practice areas:

  • Labor & Employment Law: Our experienced attorneys represent District of Columbia clients in employment law cases. We are aggressive advocates for our clients, helping you build a strong case. We handle issues involving unfair labor practices, sexual harassment, background investigations, wage and hour law, discrimination and more.
  • ERISA Litigation: Our attorneys provide knowledgeable counsel and legal support for any dispute under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). We use our experience and diligence to remain up to date on the latest developments and give you the best possible chance at success.
  • Labor & Employment Law Representation: Our experienced attorneys represent both employees and employers in labor and employment law cases. Our goal is to create comfortable and lasting workplace relationships. We help you develop solutions to your employment law issues.
  • Unemployment: Losing your job is an emotionally devastating experience. Unemployment insurance benefits provide you with financial security while you actively seek new employment. Our attorneys help you determine if you are eligible for unemployment benefits.
  • Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment can be an emotionally scarring experience. If you are the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, our attorneys can help you. We are knowledgeable about District of Columbia and fight for your rights against your employer.
  • Wage & Overtime Litigation: At District of Columbia, we represent employers and workers, plaintiffs and defendants, in disputes over wage, overtime and hour laws throughout District of Columbia.
  • Wage & Overtime Claims: We have extensive experience with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and wage disputes. Our attorneys aggressively handle your wage, hour or overtime law case. With our help, you can get the recovered earnings and damages you deserve.
  • Noncompete Agreements: At Pitre & Associates, LLC, our knowledgeable attorneys assist District of Columbia employers and workers with issues relating to noncompete agreements. We draft and review proposed noncompete documents and advise clients regarding the enforcement of existing agreements.
  • Severance Agreements (employee): At Pitre & Associates, LLC, our skilled lawyers advise District of Columbia employees about severance agreements when they are leaving a job. We can explain exactly what rights you will have under the document’s terms so you can make an informed choice about whether to accept it.
  • Noncompete Agreements (employee): At Pitre & Associates, LLC, our knowledgeable attorneys advise District of Columbia employees regarding noncompete agreements. Whether you’ve just been given a document for review or are looking to clarify or challenge an executed agreement, we will provide the information you need.

When you retain the services of Pitre & Associates, LLC, you can be assured that your attorney will pursue your case with zeal.

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